Achieving acoustic comfort through active sound masking

Apple Sound is the leading developer and installer of active sound masking systems in the UK. Active sound masking is the most effective way of achieving acoustic comfort and speech privacy in a wide variety of environments, from large, open-plan offices to bank counters.

Active sound masking is achieved by introducing a pure, smooth and gentle electronically-generated signal into the workspace to help reduce or eliminate awareness of pre-existing sounds and render the unwanted conversations of other occupants unintelligible.

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Quell® Sound Masking

Apple Sound has developed its own Sound Masking system branded Quell®.

Each installation is based upon one or more Quell® active sound masking modules, delivering the masking signal into the environment via specially selected speaker and control systems. Quell® systems are unique in featuring highly advanced -ism2 digital, active sound masking circuitry to generate a totally random signal.

Quell® installations are configured according to the requirements of the workspace. Should you wish to further subdivide your workspace in the future, Quell® systems are infinitely reconfigurable by the addition of extra modules, giving full adaptability when you need it.

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