Quell® sound masking systems

Quell Module

Quell® sound masking systems offer modern, corporate workspaces an optimum acoustic solution, improving the concentration and productivity levels of their occupants, reducing distraction and stress, providing confidentiality of conversation and aiding fraud prevention.


Not to be compared with ‘DIY kits’ that may claim to solve all your problems, Quell® systems have been developed from the ground up and are available exclusively from Apple Sound to enhance today’s innovative workspaces, engineering entirely fit-for-purpose sound masking technologies that integrate with and adapt to current and future building design.

Fully-scaleable to suit any application from small offices to huge, open-plan corporate HQs, Quell® systems represent the most effective sound masking technology available.

iSM 2

Quell® sound masking devices exclusively utilise -ism®2 Digital Signal Processing and a genuinely 100% random noise source and unique ‘morphing’ between presets. Morphing allows changes between presets to be unnoticeable to room occupants.

Distribution options

  • Central Quell® electronics with distributed, passive loudspeaker network
  • Any combination of passive and active distribution for unlimited flexibility of zones

Loudspeaker types

  • Suspended within the ceiling void
  • DML loudspeaker tiles incorporated into the ceiling grid
  • Surface mounted DML panel loudspeakers
  • Bespoke loudspeakers incorporated into building design features

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