Mold church turns again to Apple Sound

When St David’s Catholic Church in Mold, Flintshire decided that its church sound system required an upgrade, the church turned to Apple Sound, the same company that had installed the original system – no less than 30 years previously!

As congregations expect more and more from their church, so technology moves on to cater for that need, and Apple Sound were delighted to be called in to renew the old system with the main aim of improving speech intelligibility.

Using Bose® Modeler® software, designers created an acoustical model of the church, and were able to predict the performance of the proposed design. As an added comfort to the church, those involved also had the opportunity to ‘listen’ to the system before it was permanently installed, using the Bose® Auditioner® playback system. This unique and powerful tool allows designers and client to evaluate the right sound system solution for the project, ensuring that all are happy that the design meets their requirements before installation goes ahead. In addition, when Modeler® software and the Auditioner® playback system are used to design and listen to a sound system, and that design is approved by a Bose-certified Auditioner® expert, if the client is not ultimately satisfied with the performance of the installed system, Bose® will modify the system or remove it for a total refund.

The agreed solution comprises two stacked pairs of Bose Panaray® MA12 line arrays for the nave, plus one pair of MA12s to cover the balcony seating. Bose FreeSpace® 3 creates in-fill where it is needed, and Bose Model 32SE loudspeakers complete the system in the foyer.

With amplification from Cloud CXA4 and CXA450 amplifiers, the church uses 4 radio microphones and 4 fixed microphones, with a Digital Sound Processor (DSP) matrix mixer and an induction loop, which incorporates an automatic microphone mixer – leaving participants to focus on the service and not playing sound engineer.

According to Mark Philpot of St David’s Church, the Bose solution provides outstanding, natural-sounding reinforcement of speech which is appreciated by all church members:

“The built-in flexibility of the system allows the use of microphones virtually anywhere in the church, with consistent clarity regardless of seating position. This has allowed for a more creative use of the space, adding a totally new and vibrant dimension to our church services. This was exemplified when a group of young people took part in a service as a ‘choral’ speaking group, while seated anonymously within the body of the church. The effect was dramatic!”

If you would like dramatic improvements to your church sound system, call Apple Sound on 0845 55 76 555.

Apple Sound is a BOSE® Pro Partner.